COVID-19 RESPONSE: Given the current CDC and City of Tulsa guidance, all TAPL events during the month of March, April and May have been postponed. 

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Seated (L to R): Christina Barnes, Alisha Stacy, Michael Schooley,Denton Smith, Mariena Martin, Andy Matson

Standing (L to R): Adam Robinson, Jim Slade, Adam Dolinsky, Lawson Vogel,  Robert Sher, Shane Saunders


President Denton Smith, RPL
Vice President Michael Schooley
Secretary Mariena Martn, RPL  
Treasurer Alisha Stacy
Past President Andy Matson, CPL
Membership Director Adam Dolinsky, CPL
Events Director Kristna Barnes
Communicatons Director Robert Sher, CPL
Benefts Director Lawson Vogel, CPL
Educaton Director Jim Slade, CPL
External Affairs Director Shane Saunders, CPL
AAPL Director Adam Robinson, CPL