March 15, 2011


This three-day short course will arm the participant with the terminology associated with these procedures and practices, it will increase their understanding of the process and facilitate communication between them and engineers and geologists, which will in turn, make them more productive on the job and more valuable to the company.
PETROLEUM ENGINEERING FOR NON-ENGINEERSis taught by John Farina, a consultant to the petroleum industry in well drilling, evaluation and completion.  He has been lecturing with The University of Tulsa’s CESE department for many years and receives excellent evaluations.
You Will Learn:
·         The requirements for an exploration project
·         Tools, practices and terminology associated with drilling a well
·         Current offshore drilling equipment and practices
·         How openhole logs and cores are used to evaluate a well
·         Completion practices, including hydraulic fracture stimulation
·         How oil is produced from a well with artificial lift
·         About surface equipment used to gather, process and store produced fluids

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Date and Time

Tue, March 15, 2011