AAPL Board Members,

 Our assignment when we left the Board Meeting in Alaska was to further inform our membership regarding the possibility of licensing and to draft a licensing bill based on the outline of the Licensing Task Force. I think it is proper to remind ourselves that the establishment of the Licensing Task Force was approved by the Board in March of 2007 at our Tucson meeting.

 The motion in Alaska included that we provide for review and comments from the membership (in anticipation of a go/no go vote on licensing in Savannah). We have done that.

 Based on the responses that the Directors have received from their members and the input they have provided to AAPL leadership, including the Licensing Task Force, it is our opinion that AAPL should not go forward with any licensing initiative at this time. Therefore, I am advising you in advance of the Board Meeting, that the recommendation of the Executive Committee will be that AAPL terminate its exploratory initiative regarding licensing.

 We will nevertheless open the floor to a discussion on the subject of licensing and its concepts at the Board meeting.

 Marshall Lochausen