TAPL Members,


                As you know, our industry is constantly under fire from environmental groups in many cities & states across the country and AAPL is actively promoting and lobbying for our profession.  Part of that goal is to stomp out misinformation that if left unaddressed can be very harmful to the progress of our industry.  In the face of a dramatic legislative assault in Colorado, Anadarko Petroleum along with Noble Energy and others put together a short 40 page booklet or “toolkit” that explains some of the common practices of our industry and attempts to rectify some of the misinformation that exists amongst the general public that may not have the same exposure that we do to the good work that our industry is doing every day.  This booklet is intended to serve as a tool to help those in-house and field landmen who are dealing with the public on a daily basis and it has been approved for wide circulation, so feel free to share it with your team.  Approximately 10% of the material is Anadarko specific and the remaining 90% is factual science &  economy based information that has been vetted and sourced by numerous organizations.  AAPL has a similar “toolkit” and may dovetail this information into our own product and / or rebrand this and disseminate as an additional tool to the AAPL Membership, but until that time, the TAPL Board wanted to make it available to any of you who might be interested in using it in your day to day operations.