Quarterly Board Meeting Report – Girdwood, AK – September 14, 2008


The September 14 AAPL Board Meeting was called to Order at 8:00 a.m. by President Marshall Lochausen.  The following AAPL business was discussed during the meeting:


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   shared highlights of his travel plans to Billings, Montana.  (Note:  Marshall will be visiting Tulsa and speaking to TAPL at our 2/9/09 mtg)    


STAFF REPORT:  Robin Forte reported the following:


            Summer NAPE 2008:   Over 690 booths were sold for Summer NAPE which was August 27-28.   The event was a success with over 6700 in attendance.   Keynote speaker for the Industry luncheon was Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.   AAPL raised $75,000 to benefit wounded soldiers this year bringing the cumulative total up to about $500,000.  


            NAPE 2009:  Over 1200 booths have already been sold for NAPE 2009 which will be February 5-6, 2009.    A listing of hotels with discounted rates available is on the website www.napeexpo.com.    Attendee registration is expected to begin in mid-October.    


            Education:  AAPL has recently hired Sarah Tinsley as Assistant Director to help Richard Rosprim with the Education responsibilities.  Since 7/2008, AAPL has processed 3 CPL applications, 9 RPL application and 2 RL applications. 


            Membership:  Membership as of 8/7/2008 is 9,651.  Approximately 1,577 members have not yet renewed their application.     


            Publications:  AAPL is currently working on the 2009 Landmen’s Directory & Guidebook in both printed and electronic format.  For advertising opportunities, contact Kelly Davis at AAPL headquarters at (817) 231-4555 or via email at kdavis@landman.org. 


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Bryan Hennigan reported that as of June 30, Total Assets for AAPL is $11,830,990.  Revenue was $5,432,012, with the majority attributable to NAPE and membership dues.  Expenses reported were $3,171,804, with Salaries, benefits and G&A being the largest expenses.  As of June 30, AAPL had $777,856 in short term investments and $7,591,324 in long term investments.     


BUSINESS ITEMS:  The following topics were included on the agenda for this Quarterly Board Meeting.   Below is a summary of the discussion and/or action that was taken at the meeting.


            Licensing Task Force:  The Executive Board provided each Board Member with the following items:  1) the  Dec 1991 report and recommendation of the Licensing Study Committee; 2) the Aug 2008 report and recommendation of the Licensing Task Force; and 3) a two page summary of the benefits and detriments of enacting a recommendation to seek licensing of landmen.   After review of these items, Craig Clark made a motion to allow AAPL proceed with licensing of landmen in Texas.  The original motion as proposed by Craig brought about much discussion among the Board members present.  Each Director had ample opportunity to voice concerns of the association they were representing and/or  make suggested modifications to the original motion.  After significant discussion, the group came up with a modified motion (a copy of which is attached to this report) which was approved by 30 of the 32 directors present.   One Director voted no, and one Director elected to abstain.   I want to be clear that the Directors did not vote on whether we were “in favor of” or “against” licensing – that will come in December and your input will be so very important.  We did vote to see what a proposed bill would look like if we decided to pursue licensing of landmen in Texas.  AAPL will work with the Hillco firm in Austin, TX to prepare a proposed bill which will be provided to each of the Director’s  no later than November 5th.  Upon receipt, I will send the information to each active TAPL member for your review.  It is likely that we will vote “for” or “against” licensing at the December Board Meeting.  In the event the “for” vote prevails, your feedback, comments and recommendations for the proposed bill will be important to ensure that I properly represent TAPL’s position in December. 

            Active to Senior Membership Requests:   The Board approved Senior Membership status on Michael J. Cavender, S. Bobo McKenzie, Bruce M. Noonan and Susan E. Treece.


            New Application/Membership Data Request:  Minor modifications have been made to the revised Membership Application form.  Specifically, the changes include 1) clearly stating that the $100 application fee is a “non-refundable” charge; 2) inserting the words “if approved” regarding the time period for which dues are being paid; 3) including the applicant’s name at the top of pages 2 & 3 of the application; and 4) requiring the complete work history for both Active & Associate membership status.  


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  A summary of the written Committee Reports provided are as follows:


            The American Oil & Gas Historical Society (AOGHS):            AOGHS is planning its 3rd annual Energy Education Conference and Field Trip November 12 – 14 in Houston, Texas.


            Ethics Committee:  Committee is currently reviewing five (5) cases.


Legislative/Regulatory:    The committee has been very active watching legislative issues in Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah. 


Awards:  Nominations for 2009 Awards will be sent via email to the Board and association Presidents in early November and must be submitted by Jan 30, 2009.


Publications Committee:   Richard Ryan is looking for new committee members if anyone is interested.  They are looking for new articles to be published in The Landman.


Field Landman Committee:  Randy Nichols has been surveying field landmen for input into their needs in the field.  In response to the survey, the Committee will be offering more web based workshops, seminars etc to maintain certifications.  


Certification:   David Miller said the Committee is currently reviewing over 200 applications for certification.


Education:   The Winter Land Institute will make comparisons among major shale plays.  The Committee is working on an additional educational institute as well.


The next AAPL Board Meeting will be held December 7th.   Please feel free to provide me with your feedback on the licensing issue at any time as I intend to organize our responses and get a summary posted on the website for review by the membership.    


If there are additional issues for me to bring forward on behalf of TAPL please let me know.   Should you have any questions regarding the information included in this report or if you would like to get copies of any individual committee reports, please feel free to drop me an email @ mables@samson.com  or call @ 918-591-1819 (off) or 918-645-8154 (cell).    Thanks!




                                                                                    Mona D. Ables

                                                                                    AAPL Director