Wow, what a great kick-off to the year.  I am so proud of your Board for all the events they have already put together for our members; and it is only September!  I was able to see many of you at our first meeting/social at the Mayo Hotel.  The weather made this evening especially enjoyable, as we were able to utilize the Penthouse Patio.  We also had another very successful Skeet Shoot.  This was the fourth year we have held this event and it appears to get bigger and better each year.  Thank you to the many committee members that worked hard to organize this year’s event and a special thank you to all those sponsors that partnered with us for this year’s event.


As you should be aware, our Membership Renewal Period officially ended on October 1st.  This means if you failed to renew your membership by now, your membership is now expired and inactive.  An inactive membership means you will no longer be able to register for events, attend dinner meetings, educational lunches, and you will no longer be able to receive our email correspondences.  If you fall into this category, I encourage you to renew now.  You should still be able to log-in to the website to renew your membership until December 21, 2013.  After that date you will need an administrator approval in order to log on.


Regarding membership, I want to thank Andrew Grimm, our membership chair, and his wife, Grace Grimm, who have largely been responsible for the smooth renewal process this past year.  You likely noticed that your Board recently revamped the Membership Application, now requiring a few more details for our applicants, as well as those renewing.  This includes date of birth, AAPL membership and certification, as well as employment status. We believe this additional information will help us to better serve our membership base.  Additionally, per our by-laws, we are enforcing the requirement that every new “Active Member” applicant fill out the Sponsor Member Name and Sponsor Membership Number for two (2) Sponsors in order to be considered for approval. To be a Sponsor you must be an “Active Member” currently in good standing.  Associate, Honorary, Non-Resident and Retired membership type applicants do not require sponsorships, nor are these membership types able to be listed as a legitimate sponsor.  For more information on our membership types please refer to our website at:


It is a perfect time to get involved as great things are taking place with TAPL!





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