Letter from the President:


For those of you who consider the TAPL golf tournaments to be one of the highlights of our events calendar, this has certainly not been the year for you.  Rain has once again put a damper on our festivities, at least pertaining to golf. As much as we would have preferred to postpone the event, the shortening of days, the imminent cooling of weather and the unavailability of golf courses prevented us from doing so. Thankfully, it takes more than a little rain to put a stop to our fun.


Despite only finishing several holes before the monsoon finally hit, we managed to have a great time while keeping pneumonia at bay. A combination of Andolini’s Pizza and gourmet grilled cheeses on the course, our traditional steak dinner/lunch in the club, along with a never-ending slew of prizes was a great way to finish off the day. The ability of our organization to put together an event of this magnitude at a low cost to our members speaks volumes as to the generous companies and sponsors we have locally. I’d like to give a special thank you to the two men who put together and directed an amazing team of dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors that ultimately led to a great tournament. In short, thank you to Wink Kopczynski III (New Gulf Resources) and David Miller (Zenergy) for a great job and your tireless effort.


Now that the Fall Golf Tournament is over, it is back to business as usual for TAPL. Our next dinner will be at our normal time at our usual location (The Summit) on Tuesday, November 10th. Commissioner Dana Murphy, our guest speaker, will be there to talk about her efforts across Oklahoma and her assessment on the present and future of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.


Finally, as you may have read in a notification from the TAPL Board of Directors last month, we had to say goodbye to longtime TAPL member Randy Bodenhamer. I encourage you to read the article below about Randy, his career and his life. He was a great representative to our organization, and he will be missed.




Collin J. Sniff, CPL


TAPL President


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