Dear Members,



February is a busy month for our Association.  Of course, many of our members will be attending the Winter NAPE Expo in Houston the first week of February.  We also have the TAPL social to be held on February 10th at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, as well as two AAPL courses to be hosted here in Tulsa. 


The first AAPL course, “Working Interest & Net Revenue Interest Calculation Workshop” will be held at Tulsa University on Saturday, February 5, 2014.  This workshop is a great introductory course intended to equip land professionals with elementary skills for working interest and net revenue interest calculations.  Instruction is limited to NRI and WI calculations which may be found in leases, assignments, operating agreements and associated documents.  For anyone just entering into the business, or needing a refresher, this is a great course to attend.


The second AAPL course is the “Oil and Gas Review and RPL & CPL Exam”, which will be held at the Marriott Southern Hills beginning February 25th through February 28th. If you are in need of your AAPL credits, this is a “one-stop-shop,” with up to seventeen (17) general credits, plus one (1) ethic credit available. The Oil and Gas Review’s primary purpose is to prepare each landman for the CPL or RPL exam.  The course covers many of the areas that a landman might become involved in over a career.  This course is also a great opportunity for anyone interested in a general review.


I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have these courses hosted here locally, but having successful attendance is paramount in having Tulsa continue to host similar courses in the future.  Therefore, I would encourage you to consider attending one or both courses, as your schedule permits. Having personally attended each of these courses in the past, I can attest to the value each course can have on your own personal career. 


While education is vital to improving our own abilities within the industry, equally important is the impact we are able to have on those just entering into this great industry.  As some of you may not be aware, the TAPL has a growing influence on our next generation of landmen through the TAPL/TU Mentoring Program. We are excited to highlight the Mentoring program in this month’s newsletter.  Please see the testimonials of Jake Bebermeyer (student) and Rob J. Maier, Jr (mentor) found later in this newsletter.  Should you be interested in becoming a mentor, or helping with this program, please contact Joey Stauffer ( or Steve McNamara ( before March 31st.  Even if you are unable to take the time to become a mentor, I’d like to encourage you to make an effort to, at minimum, introduce yourself to any one of the many students that happen to attend one of our functions.


As always, I encourage your attendance, your involvement and your input in all that TAPL does. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me, or any of the other Board Members, with your comments, compliments or concerns.





   Robert Sher, RPL


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