Dear Members,


“March Madness!”  This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite times of year. I love the NCAA Tournament, the Masters, Easter, warmer weather, golf outings…but it also means that our year has turned the corner and is in its final stretch.  As we move towards closing out the year, we are quickly approaching three of our most notable events. 


The first is our Educational Seminar, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 10th. The Education Committee, under the direction of our Educational Director, Raegan Schaffler, has been working very hard to make this one of our best seminars in recent years.  We have a full agenda, with many of the topics centered around multi-unit drilling.  Members are able to register for only $100, where non-members can register for $150.  If you know someone who has been on the fence about joining, the discount at this event alone makes becoming a member worthwhile.   More information on the Educational Seminar can be found later in this newsletter.


The second event is our Spring Scramble Golf tournament.  I was shocked to see this tournament fill to capacity so quickly (in less than twenty-four hours for the first time ever).  I think this speaks volumes as to the incredible job our Golf Committee, under the leadership of our Events Director, Curtis Johnson, has done over the past few tournaments.  By raising more money, giving away more prizes, and generally improving the overall quality of these tournaments, Curtis and his team have made this event so coveted, that some have found it difficult to register before it fills.  As a result, the Board will be reviewing the registration process to ensure all members have an equal opportunity for getting a team into the tournament.


The third event is our final dinner meeting of the year at the Summit Club, scheduled for April 14th. Commonly referred to as “Executive Night,” we are excited to welcome Mr. Randy Limbacher, President and CEO of Samson Resources.   More information on Mr. Limbacher can be found later in this newsletter.


Lastly, as I mentioned in last month’s letter, please be on the lookout for the upcoming TAPL Board of Directors ballot. You should receive your ballot on or before April 5th.  Please review the list of nine (9) Nominees, and then return your ballot having voted for five (5) of the Nominees.  I would like to wish all the nominees the best of luck.  The nominees, listed in alphabetical order by last name, are:


1.            Campbell, Jessica (Cimarex Energy Co.)

2.            Connolly, Harriet (QEP Energy Company)

3.            Hargrove, Russ (Samson Resources)

4.            Knapp, Mike (Independent)

5.            Kopczynski, Wink (New Gulf Resources)

6.            Mafille, Marlana (Kaiser-Francis Oil Company)

7.            McNamara, Steve (Canyon Creek Resources, LLC)

8.            Silman, Rick (Casillas Petroleum Corp.)

9.            Sons, Casey (Premier Natural Resources)


Please recall, pursuant to the TAPL By Laws, only active members (which is defined as those “Landmen regularly employed and engaged in Land Work in the petroleum industry”) are eligible to vote.  Should you receive a ballot, but are not eligible under the aforementioned definition, please discard the ballot and ensure your membership is stated correctly in our membership files online.


As always, I encourage your attendance, your involvement and your input in all that TAPL does. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me, or any of the other Board Members, with your comments, compliments or concerns.





   Robert Sher, RPL


    Cimarex Energy Co.

    202 S. Cheyenne Ave., Suite 1000    

    Tulsa, OK 74103     

    Phone: (918) 560-7194    

    Fax:(918) 560-7160