The Spring Seminar held at OSU–Tulsa on April 19th was a success as 80 attendees enjoyed an entertaining and educational lineup of speakers.   Our keynote presentation was “Fighting Oil Fires” by Mike Shellman.  He had wonderful videos as well as entertaining stories about the history of this dangerous profession.


The other fantastic speakers included G. Warren Thornell – “Ethical Conduct – If Everyone is Doing It, It May Not Be OK”, Mohan Kelkar - “Biofuels, The Real Story”, Bill Hobbs - “From Wellhead to burner Tip”, Flip Whitworth - “Land Problems Related to Drilling Horizontal Wells in Texas” and David Marcell - “A & D Market Overview”.  An OERB representative was also present during lunch to discuss its programs.  The discussion by Mohan Kelkar regarding Biofuels included very interesting facts that each of us involved in the oil and gas industry should be aware of.  Please check the website soon – we will be posting his speech for your information.


The Education Committee has worked hard this past year to schedule speakers and topics that are relevant and current.  We are looking for new topics and new speakers for next year so, if you have an idea you would like to share, please contact the Education Co-Chair, Doug Black, via email at .  Remember that the only way to bring a change is to become involved, so please volunteer for the Education Committee!!