Below are links to 3 pdf documents regarding the proposed revisions to the AAPL Certification Program which is scheduled to be voted on at the next AAPL Board of Directors meeting on December 2nd.  After you have had a chance to review each of them, please email me at as to whether you are for or against the proposed changes.    

Proposed Changes:
Landman 2 Article: /attachments/wysiwyg/11/certificationchanges_article.pdf
Memo Regarding Proposed Changes: /attachments/wysiwyg/11/certificationchanges_memo.pdf

Please note that, as stated in the above memo, the Certification Committee has altered the proposal to allow for up to 5 carry-over credits from one year to the next.  Otherwise, the original proposal supplemented by the change regarding 5 carry-over credits, is what will be presented to the board for vote on December 2nd.

As your AAPL Director, I would like to hear from you concerning your thoughts either Pro or Con concerning the proposed revisions to the Certification Program.  After you have reviewed the documents above, please contact me by email at and let me know if you are for or against the proposed changes.  Feel free to also include any comments/suggestions you may have as well. 
To date I have still received only a few comments from the membership and I would very much like to hear from you concerning this issue so that I can properly and accurately represent our membership when this proposal comes up for vote on December 2nd.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.