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AAPL Board Report

I sat in as a substitute director for TAPL at the last AAPL quarterly board meeting in San Antonio in March.  I have had the opportunity to set in on about 15 meetings over the years and I must say that this was the shortest and least controversial one that I have ever seen.  The report on the recent NAPE turnout and financials were bigger than ever.  There were close to 1,600 booths, and 15,767 attendees, which is an average increase on both of around 10% over last year.  AAPL netted around $1.85 Million after the profit split with the other NAPE owners, but AAPL also got $697,000 as their management fee, which of course pays for a lot of AAPL overall overhead.  Overall, AAPL is now sitting on around $9.4 Million in assets but netted only $687,031 last fiscal …

New AAPL Director for TAPL Elected

Congratulations to Mona Ables for being elected as the new AAPL Director for TAPL.  It was a tight race and all candidates should be thanked for stepping forward.  Special thanks to Samson for their support of both TAPL and AAPL and for allowing Mona to volunteer for this very important position.   Mona will serve as our AAPL Director for the next two years and will provide TAPL with a written report of each AAPL Board Meeting.  Please feel free to contact her if you wish to discuss any AAPL matters. 

Don't Forget Make Your Reservations for February's Dinner

Reservations for February's monthly meeting are due by THIS Friday at noon.

Update Address, AAPL Director ballots to be mailed February 8th

Hello [firstname], Welcome to the TULSA ASSOCIATION OF PETROLEUM LANDMEN newsletter of upcoming events, articles, jobs and more from our membership. Calendar Events Articles Calendar Events for 30-Jan-08 to 1-Apr-08 AAPL Joint Operating Agreements from A – Z Day: Wed 6-Feb-08 8:00 AM Location: Hyatt Houston, TX Add to Calendar Educational Lunch Day: Mon 11-Feb-08 11:30 AM Location: OneOk Cafeteria Add to Calendar Dinner Meeting Day: Mon 11-Feb-08 5:00 PM Location: Petroleum Club 601 S Boulder Ave Tulsa, OK 74119 Register Mapquest | Add to Calendar TAPL Dinner Meeting Day: Mon 10-Mar-08 5:00 PM Location: Petroleum Club 601 S Boulder Ave Tulsa, OK 74119 Register Mapquest | Add to Calendar Articles for 25-Jan-08 to 30-Jan-08   Director to AAPL Board opening Soon TAPL we will be sending out ballots to our active members for the election of our director to …

Director to AAPL Board opening

Director to AAPL Board Vote

Petroleum Club 3rd Thursday Networking

The Petroleum Club of Tulsa has invited those who meet at the Petroleum Club to an Open House every third Thursday for a networking event.  See attached: /attachments/wysiwyg/11/petroclubthirdthurs.pdf

AAPL Quarterly Meeting Report

Our regular AAPL Board member, Debi Langley, was not able to go, so I sat in for her as a substitute director for TAPL at the last AAPL Quarterly Board meeting on December 2, 2007 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The following is a report on that meeting to the TAPL members.   Certification Proposed Changes – No Changes    The main subject of discussion at the meeting was the proposed revisions to the AAPL Certification Program.  In a desire to position AAPL and its associations to be able to deal with what is perceived to be potential state-licensing for Landmen, the National Certification Committee had recommended that continuing education credits be done on an annual basis like other state-certified professions.  After much debate, the bottom line is the proposed revisions did not pass.  While the topic took up most of the …

2008 AAPL Nominations Sought

Please click on the link below for details regarding the nomination of AAPL's 2008 leadership positions.  All nominations must be received by January 15, 2008.   /attachments/wysiwyg/11/aaplnominations.pdf

TAPL Seeking AAPL Director

If you are interested representing TAPL by serving as AAPL Director, please contact Mike Watanabe at See entire article for more information.

Western State College of Colorado Announces PLRM Program

WESTERN STATE COLLEGE OF COLORADO BOARD OF TRUSTEES APPROVES NEW PRIVATELY FUNDED LAND & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Also, Western State College of Colorado is seeking an outstanding individual to direct its new on-going program in Professional Land and Resource Management (PLRM). See the pdf documents below for more information regarding the program and the director position it is seeking to fill.