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AAPL Errors and Ommission Coverage

AAPL Errors and Ommissions Coverage

News from our AAPL Director

The next AAPL Quarterly Board Meeting will be held September 13 – 14.  Please advise if you have any issues you desire to have me address on behalf of TAPL on or before September 8th.    I will prepare a written report of the Board Meeting and have it posted on the TAPL website in late September for your reading pleasure!  

TAPL Fall Golf Tournament Registration OPEN!

The registration for our fall, members only, tournament is now open. Remember, this fills up quickly, so renew your membership and sign up right away. Registration will be handled online this year.

2008 - 2009 Membership Renewal

It's that time of year . . . .

News from our AAPL Director

The AAPL is seeking your input . . .

TAPL Fall Golf Tournament Set

TAPL Fall 2008 Golf Tournament – October 13, 2008

Sara Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Information regaring the Sarah Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund

AAPL Director's Report - June 2008

Attached is Mona Ables' report covering the Annual Meeting in Chicago

TAPL Member Directory Instructions

Did you know that TAPL's website has a member directory?  The directory can be accessed by clicking "Find a Member", found in the upper, left side of the TAPL website home page.  For further instruction on how to use the online member directory, click here:  /attachments/wysiwyg/11/tapldirectoryinstructions.pdf

TAPL Seeks New Board Members

In the months ahead, the 2007-2008 TAPL Board will be saying farewell to Joey Stauffer, Steve Black, Dwayne Allen, Bill Creel, Debi Langley and Doug Black. We appreciate the willingness of these landmen to serve on the TAPL Board and each one of them has made tremendous contributions to the Board over the past year. The 2008-2009 TAPL Board will be comprised of Jane Meyer, Pat Bowman, Jeff Myers, Tony Cristelli, Ted Hinson, Mona Ables and Mike Watanabe (past President) and five (5) new members to be elected by the membership later this year. In accordance with the TAPL By-Laws, we are seeking at least ten regular active TAPL members in good standing to be included on the ballot that will be mailed out in May of this year. TAPL members will be instructed to vote for five (5) of the names on …